“Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” Eckhart Tolle

Our bodies are incredible, yet do we always give them the attention they deserve? Do we adjust when we feel out of alignment? Do we pay attention to many special parts of ourselves, that make us whole?

Join Sammy Lee to create space to explore just that as we ‘Journey through the Chakra System’ through the 7 main energy centers that reside deep within us.


  • Chakra Yoga, accessible motion + shapes, as we journey through each chakra, to allow attention + self-awareness to each chakra.
  • Self Reiki, selected hand positions to draw attention to each chakra space.
  • Philosophy, words of wisdom to provoke consideration while exploring each chakra + you.
  • Space, to listen, to allow your own wisdom to speak.
  • Did you know, the Chakra System is said to make up the ‘architecture of our soul’. Ever since being introduced to Chakra’s she has been fascinated by the philosophy. The more she dives in, the more she understands about herself + others. The more she realises this system can support us as we navigate through this thing called life, together. And it is such an honour for her to share these learnings with you.

    Who is this for?


    Know that this is an opportunity for YOU to immerse, as we hold space for ourselves + each other.

    This 2-hour offering is for you to arrive as you are + journey through from the base (Chakra 1) all the way to thought (Chakra 7), you will take away what you need.  

    Consider this a powerful ‘check-in’ with your inner world. This offering will help to re-establish a sense of inner harmony.

    Be prepared to be open to receive + immerse, supported by Sammy, the container + therapeutic sound. A truly nurturing experience for body + mind, accessing the space + deep rest + contemplation that you so deserve. 

    Gift yourself this check-in, Sammy so looks forward to journeying with you.