Join the Wonder Community for a 75min Yin Yoga practice with subtle live healing sounds played by Phoebe from IKSRE which leads into a 45 minute Sound Bath using various instruments including the Rav drum, Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and an array of soothing tones.


Deep tension release from long this slow gentle restorative style of Yin Yoga practice, allowing you to let go mentally of stress/tension/worries

This 2-hour experience assists our brain waves to a more alpha state (calm and relaxed) while some participants may reach Delta state which is a deep dreamless sleep state.

Enjoy healing mentally, physically, spiritually, energetically.


Hugh guides students into Yin Yoga postures with the use of modifications and props with clear directions being given. Once students settle deeply into the Yin Yoga postures – Phoebe starts playing various instruments, keeping it fairly subtle with nothing too jarring or abrupt. Hugh will use mindfulness meditation techniques – mindfulness of listening to have students stay present to the live sounds.

The Yin Practice is kept gentle and then we come to savasana. Students lay down and then Hugh will encourage a softening of the whole body and to let go. No need to meditate but to just “be”. Phoebe will continue with playing various instruments and the sound bath will be roughly 45 mins.

The opportunity to share, ask questions, make comments and give thanks will seal the afternoon.


Everyone is welcome to attend the event. All body types, shapes, and abilities. It will appeal to those who love Yin Yoga or restorative style practices. and is ideal for anyone who appreciates healing arts – sound and Yoga.

For those curious to understand the concept of how sound can be a healing tool as well as the deep restorative practices that calm the nervous system such as yin yoga, this is a perfect experience.


Carve out space and time to heal, let go, restore, replenish, rejuvenate, and receive some deep rest. Give anxious or stressed minds a time to create spaciousness from the mental clutter, gain mental clarity from the mediative practices of sound and yoga. Leave refreshed, clearer, lighter but also grounded.


$49 for this 2-hour immersive. With limited places, secure your mat here