Designed to leave you feeling deeply connected to your inner being, each element of this workshop has been designed to delight and excite your senses. 

Expect a Cacao ceremony, intention setting, yin yoga, and sound bath - an arrival into your own Sacred Space.

Start with a treat for the taste buds, a cacao ceremony using Sacred Cacao, wild-crafted cacao grown under the canopy of the Amazon. With each mouthful, drop deeper into self-reflection as we set intentions for the practice and life.

Dropping into 60 minutes of yin yoga allows the focus to rest on our own internal dialogue and come into appreciation of the body that continues to nourish and support.

We seal the immersion with a 30-minute of sound bath, using crystal sound bowls and various other instruments. Allow the healing sounds to swell over you as you drift into a deeply restorative state.

Your invesment - $49 or $45 for members

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