Join our resident Yin specialist Clare Lucas for an evening of self-care. 

Wonder invites you to dive into the Winter Yin element as
we nourish each of the components of our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We do this by working with the five elemental theory – working with the Water element intrinsically connected to the season of Winter, we start to look at our Bladder and Kidney meridians and organ systems and how we can best support their optimal functioning.

A 90 minute Yin Yoga Practice based on the Water element / Kidney and Bladder Meridian:
- Acupressure and Reiki
- Meditation and Pranayama
- Cacao Ceremony & Sound Journey

You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of the season, not only externally but internally within us. You will gain an understanding of the Bladder and Kidney Meridian systems, along with poses and sequences you can use at home during this Winter. Dinacharya or self-care practices to enhance your health and wellness during this time and so much more.

Friday 5 August 6.30 PM CBD Studio

Your invesment - $49 or $45 for members

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