Join the Wonder Community for this FREE member event as we seal our Winter Wellness Series and say goodbye to the season of Winter and welcome in the Sun.

Join a swag of your favourite Wonder Teachers as we explore the tradition of completing 108 Sun Salutations.

In Yogic tradition, we often repeat movement or offerings 108 times as a sacred spiritual practice or to commemorate a special occasion or celebration.

The meaning of the Sun Salutations:

'Surya Namaskar' means to 'bow to the sun' and is practiced to bring in, and give thanks for the energy or 'Prana' which is shared by the sun.
'Prana' is what gives vitality to every living thing and is what connects us all. By honouring and connecting with this life-giving energy we bring ourselves back to presence and connection.

This practice is an incredible experience in 'Svadyaha' (Self Study.) You may experience elation, a sense of strength, boredom, irritation, discomfort, or frustration but your one task is to stay present and non-attached.
This practice becomes very rhythmic and can be very hypnotic and meditative. This allows us to get out of our busy mind and become deeply rooted in our presence. Take each moment as it comes and observe without attachment what comes up for you.

The full Surya Namaskar sequence has all the components of a full Yoga practice (backbend, forward bend, inversion, pranayama, meditation.) By repeating this sequence 108 times you will liberate your spine, revitalise your body and clear your mind.

Saturday 27 August, 2 pm to approximately 3.30 pm

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