Staying motivated to move at home can be challenging. the worlds contracted and all our usual motivators like meeting a friend to take a barre class, grabbing a coffee after yoga, or even simply that 'ahhhhh' moment you get when you arrive at Wonder is not there to keep you on track. We get that it's sometimes hard to carve our that allocated time for you in between working from home (or not) homeschooling, and the additional stress of living through a pandemic.... so we've gathered together the four best tips that are proven to help! Try a few and see if it makes a difference this week!

Create a Routine
Weekdays can easily flow into weekends while spending the majority of your time at home, which is why sticking to a regular routine is a good idea. Plan your day like you would if you were leaving the house to go to work and structure in regular tasks including exercise. Writing down your to daily 'to do' list and including exercise is a great motivator. Once it's written down it's always easier to stick to.

Set Aside the Time
Easier said than done right? So let's make it quality over quantity! We've specifically created our online 'Fresh Daily' classes to fit into ISO life. 30 minutes seems to be a manageable amount of time to find in the day at the moment. Ideally, schedule the time in your calendar but always remember that we are only a click away if you find yourself with a spare half an hour at some stage during the day. 

Focus On the Good

Make sure you find a class or teacher who you enjoy. 

Love barre? Do more barre. Love yin? Do more Yin. Love a certain teacher? Filter your search by particular interests or people.  

Focus on the after effect. Remember no one ever regretted doing a yoga class... EVER! Always remind yourself how great you will feel after! Movement is such a great way to get the happy hormones flowing and if you must stay at home, exercise is a sure-fire way to give you a little boost.

Ask for help
We're here to answer your questions. We love doing this in the studio and it's no different just because you are at home.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if something is a little confusing, your not too sure about a certain posture or are looking for a modification.