Join Bryan Woodford for an exploration into the movement practice of you. Four workshops over four consecutive weeks, as we begin to dive into the philosophy behind the movements that we perform, not to specifically work towards a single “goal pose” but to begin to build a body that allows you more freedom of movement. Throughout this series of workshops, we will showcase how adaptable we truly are, and show that we are able to adjust not only to challenge but to change. Not because our bodies are inherently more flexible than others but rather because we allow our minds to be as flexible as we would like our bodies to become.
Each workshop will begin to provide you with the tools you need to craft a sustainable self-practice whilst narrowing in on specific regions and movement patterns within the practice of movement. To learn more about this series of workshops or to book click here

Single workshop members price $25 or $85 for all four.
Single workshop on-members $30 or $105 for all four.