How wonderful the world could be if we all practiced just a little more kindness 🌈✨

Drumroll please… Introducing KIND CLASS! Our latest offering is from some wonderfully talented recently graduated yoga teachers. It’s a heart-warming experience where these gorgeous souls kindly share their time and newly acquired skills and all that is asked is that you show them kindness in return.

What makes KIND CLASS so special? Well, it’s like the yoga version of a warm hug with goodwil and good times a guarantee! 🤗

Here’s the lowdown:

🌸 When: Every Saturday from January 6 at 11.30 AM

🌸 Where: WONDER, 128 Ryrie Street Geelong

🌸 What to Bring: A yoga mat, drink bottle, and a bucket of kindness

This class is a gift from our passionate new yoga instructors to you, our cherished community. They deeply believe in the power of yoga to heal, uplift, and connect. And here’s the best part – it’s absolutely FREE. That’s right – zero dollars, nada, zilch. It’s their way of spreading love, gratitude, and the magic of mindful movement.

What to Expect from the Kind Class:

🌿 Gentle Guidance: Our teachers will guide you through a one-hour non-heated ‘vinyasa flow’. There will be options to slow down or level up depending on your mood.

🌿 Laughter: Because why not? Laughter is the best medicine, and we believe in sprinkling a bit of joy into every practice. There’ll be smiles all around as we support our newest teachers.

🌿 Community Connection: Join us in creating a space where kindness flows freely and stay for a chat and tea afterwards in our community lounge.

Ready to join the Kind Class revolution? Simply hit the button below, and let us know you’re in!

Get ready to stretch, laugh, and feel the good vibes. Trust us, your body and soul will thank you


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