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New to Wonder





With over 80 classes a week and the most extraordinary teachers in Geelong, we want you to dive in and fully experience feeling wonderful. By purchasing our Introductory Offer for just $49 you'll gain access to our full range of yoga, barre, sculpt, and yin-yoga classes at both our CBD and Geelong West studios where you can enjoy 30 days of amazing classes that'll strengthen and balance your body and mind.

First Things First

Purchase your Intro Offer online or pop into the studio to purchase in person.

Available once only to new clients for use at both studios.

Not been to the studio for 12 months or more?

Call us on 0474805647 to see you you qualify for a re-introductory offer


Wonder Yoga Studio Geelong

The Next Step

Book your classes in. Bookings are essential but to ensure your space in class and comply with our COVID-safe plan. it’s a wise move to plan ahead as classes can be busy. Once you have purchased your Intro Offer you can book classes through our website, Facebook or download our free app to make it easy peasy.

Don’t forget to check out our booking T&Cs that make it fair for everyone.


View Upcoming Classes

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Now Turn Up

Arrive 15 minutes early for your first class so we can introduce you to our staff and show you around. This gives you a chance to discuss anything with your teacher, including injuries or issues that might impact you in class. Due to current health restrictions, you must bring your own mat, and shared equipment is cleaned after every class. Bolsters are available for use but must be covered with a full-size towel or you can bring your own props. Any queries about preparing for a class- just email us and we’ll happily get back to you.


Where to Find Us

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Enjoy Your Class

Make sure you are hydrated before taking a class and try to avoid a heavy meal at least 2 hours prior to practicing. Listen to your teacher and follow their instructions - but most importantly, listen to your body. If it doesn’t feel good then don’t do it. Always feel free to rest on your mat at any time. Let your teacher know if you’re carrying an injury, are pregnant or have a health concern that could affect your class. For everyone’s enjoyment – there is no talking in the yoga studio, no mobile phones or bags, and no later-comers can join a class.


First Visit Tips

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Stay & Discover

Wonder has been designed to encourage you to stay and linger. Relax in our community space, soak in the design detail, the light, the warmth, and the friendship. Usually, our beautiful spa-inspired change rooms are stocked with everything you need after class; we have custom-created hair and body products for you to use but for the time being, showers are not available for use. We have complimentary lockers to keep your belongings secure. Wonder is our home – let it be yours too.

Wonder Yoga Studio Geelong

Get Involved

The saying, “you get what you give” is very true when it comes to wellbeing. The more you explore, learn and participate, the more benefits you’ll receive from the practice of yoga and barre. At Wonder we have intensives, workshops, international guest teachers, wellness challenges and community events. Take the time to join the discovery and see where this wonderous adventure can take you!


What's On

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How to get the most out of your intro offer

Our Wonder101 classes scattered through our class schedule are a great place to start if you are a complete newbie to yoga. They are also a great way, if you’ve done yoga before, to refine and improve your practice. Our Barre classes run at a pace that is accessible to first-timers – so dive right in.

Spread yourself around – try as many different classes and teachers as you can! Each of our teachers brings their own unique style and focus to their classes so experience as possible. A little worried about all the different class styles? Don’t worry – just dive in. We are here to help you discover your own version of Wonder.

This Sounds Wonderful - Sign Me Up

40 Days Unlimited Access for $49 - New Clients Only

Includes unlimited classes for 40 days. Activates on your first visit.


Anything else I need to know?

Before Class

Arrive to class hydrated – that doesn’t mean guzzling down two litres of water 30 minutes before hand, rather, making sure you get adequate water throughout the day. Don’t eat anything too heavy up to two hours prior to any yoga or barre class – you’ll thank us for this tip. Bring clothes that are comfortable and you can sweat in. Loose baggy clothes don’t work in a heated class but are ok for Yin classes. All mats are provided and complimentary hand towels are available.

Can I do hot yoga?

The short answer is yes. Our hottest class sits at 35°C and around 50% humidity. Heated yoga is suitable for nearly everyone and it can be challenging, but most importantly – we will encourage you to rest when you need too and listen to your body. We have yogis of all ages, ability and size and there is no pressure to do anything in class.

Now for the fine print:

We require a letter from your doctor to participate if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Have a history of heart condition or stroke
  • Have a serious cardio-vascular condition including hypertension, hypotension or heart failure
  • Are currently using diuretics or beta-blockers

If you are under 16 we will require a permission to practice from a parent or guardian.


  • Arrive at least ten minutes before class. Under no circumstances are latecomers admitted to class. Often our front door will be locked once a class commences.
  • Check-in at reception for all classes
  • Our Yoga rooms are a place of quiet. Shhhhhhhhh. We really don’t like being the quiet police and reminding you of this.
  • No personal belongings in the yoga room. You may bring water and a towel.
  • No phones in the yoga room. If you are a medical professional on call then we will make exceptions but please advise us prior to class.
  • There are large lockers adjacent to our change rooms for valuables.
  • Listen carefully to the teacher’s instructions
  • Don’t leave the room once a class has started. Of course lie down if you feel you need to but leaving the room is of benefit to no one.
  • Wipe down your mat before you leave the studio.
  • Showers are not just for after class. Please take advantage of our beautiful facilities if you need to freshen up prior to practicing.

I have visited wonder before for a casual class - Can I do the intro offer?

Of course you can. You will have to purchase the Intro in the studio. Our system won’t recognise you as being eligible for this fantastic deal. Just come and see one of our friendly staff at reception.

When does the intro offer start?

Your Intro Offer starts on your first visit. This way you can pre-purchase, book in classes and be ready to go before the offer is activated. Please be aware of our class cancellation policy which you can find here in the T&Cs.