Are you ready to unstick yourself?

The One’ by Wonder is a heart-pumping, joyful journey that strengthens the body and invites you to calm the mind. 
The One is driven by familiar movement, powered by music, inspired by freedom and exceptionally led by WONDER legend Jo Dickens. 

The One blends cardio, strength training, and guided meditation into a music-driven workout that brings you into the present moment. You’ll explore the freedom to move and groove like no one is watching. Expect to feel empowered, experience release and find your personal power. This is a moment in life for you to unstick what might feel stuck. 

Expect to experience a cathartic release, deeply connect to breath and hold all you are with tenderness and wonder. 

This workshop is FREE for members (6 and 12-month memberships and those on autopay) or just $59 for guests

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