A treatment and a Yin practice all in one.


After our previous sellout event WONDER is excited to welcome back Aleisha from Machiya for another evening of deep self-care.


Summer ~ the most Yang time of year. Yang is the warming, moving, active aspect within Nature and our bodies. While Yin is still and cooling. It’s important to create space for Yin moments in the busyness of Summer and the festive season, for when we balance our Yin and Yang we feel healthy and all our organ systems can run smoothly.


This 90 minute workshop combines the ancient therapeutic body work of Japanese Shiatsu with modern Yin Yoga poses to assist with increasing your energy and blood flow (Qi) and relieve stress and tension, creating space for your body and your mind to recharge and re-calibrate.


Shiatsu style assists, consisting of light pressure applied along specific meridian points, will accompany each of your Yin shapes throughout this practice.


No prior experience is necessary and all props will be supplied.


Get in quick – this dreamy workshop has limited spots to ensure you receive ample attention in each shape


Event Time: February 4, 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm

Your Investment: $65

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