200 Hour 2024


Congratulations on pausing and taking a moment to consider what it might be like to follow your heart into the immersive experience of Yoga Teacher Training. At WONDER we deeply believe that every person has the capacity to live a balanced, strong, and wonderful life. It is this desire that leads most people to contemplate becoming a yoga teacher or taking a deep dive into a more soulful understanding of the yogic framework for their personal growth,

Regardless of why you are leaning into this experience, we are thrilled for you. Magic – the knowing of the Self awaits and we are honoured you are here with us. Our 200 hour training is the culmination of the pouring out of our hearts and minds in the hope that we can share our knowledge, our expertise, and our reverence for the traditions of yoga. We cannot wait to see the growth that comes from stepping into Self, finding your voice, connecting deeply, and growing beyond your imagination.

With much love and kindness in anticipation for the journey we’ll take together,

Sally & Jodie


You’ll be immersed in group of like minded people and explore through an array of modalities and teaching methodologies, a framework to understand the world and your place within it. There’ll be guidance, support, discussion, and transformative information that will awaken you in a way you may never have experienced before. Be held by mature, seasoned, and authentic teachers who will support you in becoming the person and yoga teacher that feels most authentic – whether that’s melting into a slow and luxurious flow or getting spicy through the power of vinyasa.

As a Yoga Alliance-accredited course, we ensure our course structure bears consistency, and has been rigorously formulated to ensure you receive foundational information across all of the facets required to become a competent and passionate yoga teacher. We thrive on delivering excellence to you – our number one priority.


Wonder Yoga’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive course that will prepare you for teaching Vinyasa Yoga. We cover a whole range of subjects that will challenge and inspire you in your own yoga journey. We will dive deep into traditional yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology, teaching methodology, sequencing, the energetics of yoga and posture alignment.


This course is 100% in person across 5 modules including  a 7 night retreat to beautiful Bali.

Module One: Friday 31 May – Sunday 2 June

Module Two: Friday 14 June – Sunday 16 June

Module Three: Friday 28 June– Sunday 30 June

Module Four: Friday 12 July– Sunday 14 July

Immersive Module: Sunday 21 July – Sunday 28 July

Time:  7:30am to approximately 5:30pm each day. Bali immersion hours will vary. 

IMMERSIVE RETREAT 21 – 28 July 2024

Your 7 night/ 8 day immersive retreat carries you to beautiful Bali,  also known as the Land of  the Gods. Bali appeals through its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanos and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity whilst the whole island is fringed by sandy beaches and turquoise waters.


This deep dive embodies the culmination of sharing, knowledge, and community. The retreat includes nourishing meals, conversations and teaching practicum, deep practice, communication with nature, and lasting friendships as we nestle into the surrounds of the iconic Hotel Komune. There’ll be quiet times for processing and introspection plus lots of time to master your teaching techniques. We’ll sit under the expansive skies at night, chant, eat delicious wholesome food, and simply learn to be. By the end of the immersive you will be a graduate Yoga Teacher.


This training is for the curious, the brave, the ones willing to step into the unknown. Those who seek light and those who have a desire to dive into the wonderful world of yoga. All applicants must have a minimum of 6 months of consistent yoga practice (any style) and complete a brief application form.


Sally has had a relationship with yoga for nearly 25 years and has been in the midst of its wild evolution within Western culture over the last couple of decades. Beginning her yoga journey with a foot in both the Hatha Yoga & Ashtanga Yoga camps, Sally still sees the benefits of the stability of Hatha Yoga and the relative freedom of Vinyasa style ‘flow’.

Undertaking her first 500 hour training in ‘hot yoga’ in 2013, she then went on to New York and undertook a 200 hour Vinyasa training where she learnt under the likes ofDharma Mittrra, Senior Jivamukti teachers and the founder of Wanderlust Schuler Grant.

Since those original trainings, Sally has dived headlong into learning from Internationally recognised teachers Annie Carpenter, Jason Crandell and Eoin Finn and has been busy running Wonder Yoga where her primary focus has been to make yoga and movement an accessible yet life-changing experience for as many people as possible.

Her down to earth approach, ability to captivate and her earnest desire to ‘keep it real’ has seen both seasoned and newer yogis resonate with her teachings which now total over 5000 public classes. Expect her knowledge, life-experiences and willingness to explore beyond asana to be integral to this training.


Jodie was drawn towards yoga initially for the physical aspect of the practice, seeking to find some balance to her training schedule and work life. Having a background in Personal Training and endurance events, it seemed ike a logical step to use yoga as a way to create physical harmony. However, it quickly blossomed into a much deeper interest, eventually leading her to dive into a two week yoga retreat in Thailand to learn more about the practice and take some much needed time out. During the retreat, as she learnt more about the philosophy and other practices of yoga, she knew that she was on a path that would change her whole life. Shortly after in early 2017, she was undergoing her 200hr RYT with (Here) Yoga in Melbourne and began teaching almost immediately after completing the course whilst still working full time. It wasn’t long before she made the switch to full time teaching and spent her free time learning more and completing more training. Since her initial 200hr, Jodie has completed many more hours of training including ‘Finding Your Dharma’ training with Power Living, ‘Prana Vinyasa’ training with Shiva Rea, ‘Soulful Master Training’ with The Light Collective, Yin training with Jen Crescenzo, and her 300hr RYT with (Here) Yoga as well as her Pre and Postnatal Yoga with Bliss Baby Yoga. She is passionate about learning more about the practice and would love to delve more into the philosophy in her next pursuit of knowledge.


We understand that life and work commitments can make it challenging to study full time for months at a time. Therefore the training is structured as a part-time course in module blocks.


We offer a flexible payment plan for the cost of tuition.


Our 200hr course is certified by Yoga Alliance, the governing body of yoga internationally.


All participants receive an unlimited studio membership for the duration of the course.


Over 80% of graduates from our 2022 training have or are working as Yoga Teachers. Our reputation in preparing you to teach is highly regarded.


The training is held predominantly at Wonder Yoga Geelong where we will utilse various teaching spaces to meet our varied and inclusive course. Our 7 night immersive is held at Hotel Komune, Keramas Bali

Module One: Friday 31 May – Sunday 2 June

Module Two: Friday 14 June – Sunday 16 June

Module Three: Friday 28 June – Sunday 30 June

Module Four: Friday 12 July – Sunday 14 July

Immersive Bali Module: Sunday 21 July – Sunday 28 July


The course includes an 8 day deep dive as you move into the final stages of preparing to step into your role as a yoga teacher. Twin room accomodation, all meals and accomodation costs are included. 

Interested in a single room? We can connect you to the hotel directly who will assist with this request and costing.


Tuition is $4,950

(includes all tuition, comprehensive student manual, retreat accommodation and all retreat catering. Also included in the price is a studio membership for the duration of the course.

Deposit: a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to secure your place.

Price does not include textbooks, airfares, transfers, travel insurance. or meals during the regular modules undertaken at Wonder Yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What experience do I need to undertake the training?

There is no prerequisite trainings for this program although ideally you have been practicing yoga for at least 6 months at some point. All you really need is curiosity.

Can I just do the training to deepen my understanding of yoga?

Of course! There are many students who commit to study this way to deepen their practice. Some people arrive thinking they don’t want to teach but change their mind, and some people arrive adamant they do want to teach but then decide otherwise. It’s your journey and we are here to support you. Yoga Teacher Training courses are often undertaken as a way for a student to deepen their understanding of Yoga. There is no requirement to teach when you graduate..

I have a requirement to modify my practice due to injury, pregnancy or another reason. Can I do the training?

Yes. Jodie and Sally are adept at creating learning environments that are adaptable. We can support neuro-diverse learning styles and physical modifications. One of our goals is to make yoga accessible and our training ensures that there are no barriers to people being able to participate in a Yoga practice. 

Will I be a certified yoga teacher?

Yes. You will be a certified Yoga Teacher through WONDER Yoga’s registered School of Yoga with Yoga Alliance. As a graduate of our training you are eligible to register as a Yoga Alliance Certified 200 RYT. There is no obligation to register yourself but with our training that option will always be available to you. Many places, both in Australia and internationally, especially as a recent graduate, look for teachers who have this registration.

What Yoga lineage will I be learning?

We teach and will train you in what is today referred to as a ‘modern vinyasa practice. Both Sally and Jodie have teachers who come from a varied a complex web originating with Sri Krishnamacharya.

What happens if I am unwell or can’t attend a class?

IF you have planned absences or commitments a discussion prior to commencing the course is necessary. There is a small window of hours allowable for illness. In every instance you will be required to make up all missed classes. The course requires diligence and commitment, but where required, the teaching faculty will assist you regarding attendance concerns with understanding and empathy.

How is the training delivered?

100% of our training is in person. 

Is there additional work required outside of the modules?

Delivered over eight weeks you will be asked on occasion to take on additional reading, continue to practice and to commit approximately hours 6 hours a week on asana practice, practice teaching, journaling and reviewing.

Do I need text books?

You will be provided with in-depth manuals and literature. There will be some foundational yogic texts that you require and that will be a welcome addition to your library. Expect to spend less than $150 for these additional resources.