The Joy of Sequencing: How to Teach Creative Sequences with Purpose and Heart

In this 3 day training with Jodie Burton, you will focus on how to build sequences that are purposeful and anatomically intelligent, yet authentic, heartfelt, and consider more than just the physical movement of the asana.

You will learn how to create sequences that offer your students a full body, mind, and spirit experience brimming with intention and joy whilst allowing you to be wholeheartedly you as a teacher.

In this training, some key aspects we will cover include:

* Different approaches to sequencing including peak pose sequencing
* The building blocks of sequencing including the energetic bell curve and how that should inform your planning
* Understanding the energetics of different asana
* Creative transitions and embracing different movement patterns
* How to modify sequences to be inclusive and accessible
* Sequencing for advanced asana
* How music and cueing can amplify and enhance your sequences
* Create your own sequences for feedback
* Access to post-training mentorship/ ongoing advice

Your investment: $395

All participants must have undertaken a minimum 200 hour YTT




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