Why do you have to practice yoga in the heat? It’s a regular question we get asked and one that needs to be answered truthfully. The first part of the answer is you don’t- The real magic comes from the actual yoga and is why we have a range of class temperatures to suit everyone… but there are some really significant health benefits to a heated practice that shouldn’t be underestimated!

At Wonder our heat is special. We use German-engineered Infrared panels specifically designed for hot yoga. We also use a fresh air system that ensures that constant clean, purified air is circulated through the studios ensuring your wellness. It’s a great start for a great practice.

Infrared heat is the same sort of heat you feel when you are outside on a warm summer’s day; it is the kind of heat that also explains why you don’t necessarily feel cold on a sunny day in winter. Infrared panels heat objects and not the air. No more stuffy hot room, just a beautiful warm sensation that feels like the sun on your skin.

While a lot of us have seen the outward results of a regular heated yoga practice amongst our friends or in ourselves, practicing in a space that emits infrared means that the magic is also happening on the inside. Whether you are practicing our gently heated yin class or sweating it out in our Wonder Warrior hot slow flow class, the elevated temperatures bring about the following benefits:


Infrared heat helps our capillaries expand naturally which increases oxygenation and regeneration of red blood cells, both of which are extremely important for detoxifying our major organs, especially the liver and kidneys. White blood cell numbers are increased through infrared heating, which boosts our immune system. As our organ function increases our ability to work at an optimal level helps in the warding off of disease and illness.


Research by NASA has shown that (far) infrared heat promotes healthy hearts in astronauts while in outer space. And if it’s good enough for NASA then it’s good enough for us. The Mayo Clinic and Journal of the American College of Cardiology also found that intensive use of far infrared heating significantly improved blood vessel functionality in patients suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, and who smoked.


As mentioned above, Infrared heat dilates capillaries in the body, which greatly improves blood circulation. Blood supply to muscles is increased when exposed to infrared heat. A good yoga class will focus on toning AND strength. With an improved flow of blood to the muscles through exposure to infrared head the improvements in strength and tone are seen more quickly. A heated room will enable you to stretch further and hold poses longer than you would normally be able to. Extensive clinical studies and trials in Japan and in the US found that with infrared treatment much of the stiffness, aches, and soreness that comes with aging is reduced when exposed to infrared treatment.


Exposure to infrared heat assists with your body burning kilojoules, a heated yoga class is a great way to manage the energy in energy out ratio. But wait; there’s more- the most remarkable thing is that far infrared heat stimulates your body to continue burning energy even after you’ve finished your class. Research shows that’s because the physiological changes that far infrared heat effects are so profound they work overtime.

There are so many more benefits to introducing a heated yoga class into your weekly schedule than you might imagine. You might start at one class but we know you’ll soon be hooked.

If you’ve never taken a heated yoga class before or are keen to see the benefits of practicing in a room with infrared heating then why not take up our intro offer of just $59 for 30 days of unlimited yoga and see the changes for yourself.

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