The different gestures that are often taken in a yoga practice are not just simply ‘twister’ for the fingers but a subtle way of drawing on different energy.

Fun fact: when exploring mudras; each part of the hand and each part of each finger is a representation of upward, downward or equalising energy as well as representation of each of the five elements. The thumb epresents the element of fire, the index finger is associated with the air element, the middle finger is the representation of space, the ring finger the representation of earth and the little finger is the representation of water. When we touch the lower part of the finger the corresponding element is increased when we touch the middle part of the finger the corresponding element is decreased when we touch the upper part of the finger the balance of the corresponding element is restored.

If we then break apart the gesture of Chin Mudra, we are activating the areas of both the finger and thumb that balance our fire and air like qualities or energy. This is represented in the energising of the mind, the increasing of concentration memory and intellect which is sometimes felt when practicing this gesture even if it is very subtle.

This mudra is said to be a great  to use when seeking to gain knowledge and can be used while meditating for insight into life or a specific issue. it is often called the master of all mudras for its potency and on another level; the index finger represents individual consciousness and the thumb represents universal consciousness. The index finger represents the limited perspective of the self and the thumb is the expanded perspective of Self. When the two join, the limited self is connected to the spacious universal self and it also symbolises the unity of fire and air.

Give it a go when you’re next on the mat, and report back to us; how did it make you feel? What did you notice? We think Mudras are WONDERful and are a beautiful practice to help you cultivate stillness of mind, while refining and expanding your awareness! Mmmm pure bliss!

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