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COVID-19 Studio Safety

Welcome to our Safe Studio Practices. Some simple tips and...

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Connect To Your Heart

  A place that aches or fills with love, that...

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  Want to join the Wonder Tribe Online? Here's the...

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Wonder Yoga Studio 2445 Geelong Victoria Australia Vinyasa Flow Teachers Asana Yogi 2017 Matt Korinek MK Photography Blog MEDREZ 2048px

Meditation Meets Science

Meditation and Mindfulness are on everyone's lips these days. Five...

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Summer Vibes

Ok Ok.... so you aren't gonna find any of these...

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The History Of Yoga Mats

  In ancient times, Yoga was practiced in India on...

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Sally's Summer Shortbread

Christmas in our house when I was a kid meant...

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Just Breathe Playlist

Want to take a little bit of Wonder with you...

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Finding Your Camel

  Woo Hoo we’re on the floor… Not so fast...

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Blog Downdog Pic edited 1201

Getting Down Dog

Downward Facing Dog or Adho Mukha Savanasana is one of...

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New Year New You

It's New Year's Eve and many of us are contemplating...

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Jos JunglePARTY insta story

Jo's Jungle Party Mix Tape

  The response to Jo's Jungle Party Barre class was...

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Rise And Shine

  Hopefully, with the mornings becoming warmer and lighter those...

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Keep Your Cool

Warm nights, BBQs on the deck and drinks with friends. ...

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Wonder Girl

Meet Wonder Girl aka Aleisha- the Studio Manager at Wonder... ...

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Wonder Yoga Studio 2445 Geelong Victoria Australia Vinyasa Flow Teachers Asana Yogi 2017 Matt Korinek MK Photography Blog MEDREZ 2048px

30 Day Challenge Week Two Meditation

  It's a week into our August 30 Day Challenge...

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30 Day Challenge one

30 Day Challenge Meditation

Week One meditation for the August 30 Day Challenge is...

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Wonder Yoga Heart open

Open Up Your Heart

In our modern world when we use the phrase “opening...

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Sallys Chocolate

Nutty As Chocolate

Lookinf  Sally shares her classic go-to sweet chocolate recipe. It...

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Naturally Harry

Naturally Wonderful

  There is something so very wonderful about meeting someone...

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wonder tribe

Miss Predictable

  Want to get to know your fav teacher a...

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Wonderfully Delicious

At Wonder we are a little cray cray about good...

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christmas music

Wonderful Time of the Year Soundtrack

Like dodgy Great Aunty Ethel on Christmas Day we've thrown...

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love thy neighbour

Love thy neighbour

LITTLE GREEN CORNER Little Green Corner is seriously, the most...

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big questions little answers

Big Questions, Little Answers


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physical benefits of hot yoga class

The Physical Benefits of a Hot Yoga Class at Wonder

Why do you have to practice yoga in the heat? ...